Preventative DentistryPreventative Dentistry

Preventive dentistry helps you keep your teeth for life. The major causes of tooth loss are decay, gum disease and trauma. If preventative measures are taken early there is a higher chance of retaining teeth for life.


The first preventative step is a thorough an oral health examination. Other information such as x-rays, photographs and study models may be needed to best determine the type of treatment you may require.


Preventive treatment may include:

  1. A personalized home care program
  2. Regular periodontal maintenance to manage or prevent gum disease
  3. Regular dental check ups
  4. Dietary advice
  5. Topical fluoride treatment
  6. Custom made mouth guards for protection in sports
  7. Mouth trays for night wear with gels

To make an appointment:

Please contact the Champion Dental Centre on 04 237 9081 or the Kapiti Dental Centre on 04 298 6754.